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Tatiana Saavedra has a bachelor’s degree in Cinema and was the winner of the European competition ‘Cinema and Industry Alliance for Knowledge’, in the categories of ‘Best Project’ and ‘Business Plan’. Tatiana’s films were showcased in several national and international festivals, such as ‘ Stillness in the Intensity of the Colors’, in 2017, that premiered at DocLisboa. In 2020, she wrote and directed her first TV series of 5 episodes ‘Hello, how are you feeling?’ for RTP (Rádio Televisão Portuguesa). She worked for three years at TAP air Portugal as a photographer and videographer . Tatiana has previously won an Honorable Mention in Zon Awards with the short film “White Board” written and directed by her. She also filmed and edited a documentary series of 14 episodes for a Brazilian TV Channel (Globo) about Portuguese Singers.

As a photographer, her work was featured in an assortment of national and international magazines. In 2019, she was the recipient of Sophia Awards’ first prize, thanks to the photograph that featured on the film poster for ‘Gold on Blue’. Tatiana’s first exhibition will be in ImageNation Paris, in November 2021.

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ImageNation Paris 2021

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